North Cape and Trans Euro Trail Sweden

Travelling to the North Cape had been a dream for many years. The final part of the road from the city Alta to North Cape was truly amazing.

This trip was also one of the toughest so far. The rain and the low temperature was a real test for both me and the bike.

Travelling south from the North Cape on the Swedish Trans Euro Trail was a great experience with some tough riding on the gravel and trails.

Russia and Caucasus

An epic journey through Ukraine and Russia to the beautiful Caucasus mountains. Skiing at Europes highest mountain Elbrus and riding in the conflict zones of Chechnya and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Along the Silk road the sulfur baths in Tblisi is a must. A meeting with the local police in Armenia ended in a bottle of moonshine as a gift from the police.

Travelling along Abano road in the Georgian mountains gave the most excruciating riding of any trip.

Eastern Europe and the Balkans

A journey to the more far of places of Eastern Europe and through the former Yugoslavia. Apparent traces from the fomer Soviet Union and the wars in Balkans. Bullet holes in the houses and lots of guns in circulation.

Transnistria is the stuck-in time Soviet "country" with a heavily militarized border between Moldova and Ukraine. Off course there was a friendly tourist cost for the visiting biker. 

A visit to the communist monument of Buzludzha in Bulgaria put the offroad skills at place. The crash was inevitable in the high mountains and I got the chance of a workout.

Baltic Region

Poland and the Baltic region offers incredible opportunities for motorcycle adventures. This journey was from Gdynia in Poland to Riga in Latvia. 

In a surplus shop there was the not only old uniforms and AK47:s for sale but also tanks and other combat vehicles. I got stuck properly in the middle of nowhere along the Russian border and encountered a wild and very hungry dog.

Atlantic Coast

An incredible journey along Denmark and the "Kystrikesvei 17" that stretches along the Norwegian coast. Magnificent views and roads that are made for adventure motorcycling.

It´s not uncommon that there is a bit of rain at the Atlantic coast. This time it was a bit much for my bike and I got electrical issues due to all the rain. Of course the rider was proper wet and cold also.

Along the coastal road there are several small Ferrys to cross all the beautiful fjords. The most spectacular fjord is the Geirangerfjord which is a UNESCO world heritage.