Side by side with a Dakar bike

Training at the local enduro track in Kalmar (Sweden). Swedish Rally rider Joakim Hultqvist turned up on his rally bike.

The bike was used by Skyler Howes in the last Dakar Rally (5 th overall and Top Privateer). Since then the bike has been restored and are as good as new.

Joakim is a experienced rally rider (Africa Eco Race etc.) and gave some good tips on preparation and training.

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Suspension School

Visited Niklas Månsson at Månsson Racing to prepare my suspension for the races to come, and also to learn more on suspension in "MacGyver"-style.

Niklas has been working on suspensions for many years and are currently working with the Yamaha Enduro GP Team in Sweden.

For my adventure riding I prepare my suspension (front and rear) with neoprene protection. This prevents dirt from getting in to the suspension and also from scratches on the inner fork legs (can make the fork to bleed if you are unlucky).

I also bring a cleansing tool for the front fork.

Enduro training in Småland

Now it is 12 weeks to my first ever enduro race - Stångebroslaget. I have been cardio training (mostly running) this winter and now I finally can get on the bike to start riding.

The training today was at the enduro track in Timmernabben (Småland, Sweden).

A day filled with loads of stones and ruts. This track was a challenge. Dropped the bike a couple of times but all in all satisfied with the effort.

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IMG_0646-2 (2)
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New Yamaha Ténéré 700

Picked up my new Yamaha Ténéré 700 at Lillemans MC in Lund (Sweden).

Took the bike out for a spin at the the enduro track in Revingehed. Got some fly time on the slippery track.

The 2021 Ténéré 700 has some updates on the exhaust (Euro 5) and the mapping. Also updates on details as the handles and the colour of the attachments for the panniers.

Studded tires at Däckproffsen

Däckproffsen in Växjö (Sweden) is specialized in race tires and studs. They are are contracted by Michelin and have been in the race industry for many years.

For my winter riding they have made a prototype tire for my bike. It is a pair of Michelin Anakee Wild with street legal studs. This makes it possible for me to ride almost the whole winter in Sweden.

Däckproffsen is owned by the brothers Thomas and Mats Carlsson. Their knowledge on race tires and especially in winter conditions is second to none.