From the very first moment I got my motorcycle licence I have been dreaming of adventurous destinations. Here is some of my recent motorcycle projects.

Global Ride

The name Global Ride comes from the idea of riding on all of the worlds continents.

The project will go on for several years and the first part of the project have started with the exploration of Europe. Africa is the next destination.

To drive all over the world has been a dream for many years and to be able to put the dream into reality is exciting and frightening at the same time.


Due to the situation with the corona virus I have decided to take on a challenge that will test both me and my bike. I will ride a Swedish Enduro Classic (Gotland Grand National, Stångebroslaget, Ränneslättsloppet) and a 24 h race called Gripendygnet.

The Yamaha Racing Enduro GP Team will help me with preparations and training. Will I make it? Probably not. But try and fail is better than failing to try.


Adventure riding is not always the long journey to countries far away. Sometimes the ride around the corner is just as exciting and beautiful.