ExploreBike was sprung from the love for adventure and exploring the world on motorcycle.

Fascination for people, culture and nature is the base of ExploreBike. Travelling on motorcycle gets you closer to the nature and the people you meet on your journey. "Where the road ends the journey begins" is the best way of describing the feeling of ExploreBike.

The aim of ExploreBike is to give you inspiration and knowledge to explore distance places of the world. 



Linus is a professional motorcycle explorer from Sweden. For the last 15 years he has been travelling the world by motorcycle.

Ambassador for Yamaha, Michelin and Klim.

Blogger on Bike/Motorrad magazine.

The world is beautiful and we have to take care of it for our coming generations. Travelling the world is a privilege and it is therefore extra important to take responsibility. ExploreBike stands behind the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Every kilometer of travelling is climate compensated with the help of the Swedish organization Vi-skogen. 10 % of the revenues from my lectures are donated to charity through the ExploreBike Foundation.